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Here's what Editrix clients say about our Web Usability Services:
“Editrix is really a usability expert as much as a content consultant."
-Steve Miller,
CEO and Founder, IdeaSource and NetNewsdesk.com.
"Our site is very complicated and complex with an unusual amount of pages and text. Editrix took the lead in gathering information, getting it into a logical format, and presenting it in a meaningful way.. I recommend Editrix without reservation."
---Collin Eidsness
Managing Director
Colloids for Life.com
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“Usability rules the Web.”
--Designing Web Usability

“The foundation of almost all good information architecture is a well-designed hierarchy.”
--Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

As important as content is for creating an effective web site, the organization of a web site -- also known as its information architecture or navigation -- is absolutely as critical.

The architecture of the site determines its usability, which is one of the most significant elements of its success.

The test of a site’s usability and functionality is simply whether any visitor can quickly and easily understand the site and find the information or product they are seeking.

The elements that create superior usability are:

Let Editrix’s expertise in information architecture help you craft a web site that will provide superior content, usability and success.

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