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Here's what Editrix clients say about our Web Editing Services:
“I LOVE what you’ve done to enhance my site. You’re really good!”
Terry Malouf, Tmalouf.com
“Great job on the copy for the website. I was in LA and Atlanta doing market testing on new brand names and we got some very good feedback on the website design and content. Your work was critical to powerfully communicating our value propositions and helping our market understand why they should work with us."
Corey Livingston
Regal CineMedia/United Artists
"You did a fantastic job editing my site. Thank you so much for your help."
The Siddhi Group
“I really appreciate your contribution to what I think is a unique and great site.”
Len Ward, Access Capital Mortgage, Inc.
"I love your ideas and suggestions and 100% agree with them. I really appreciate your expertise and skills. I'm so glad to have you on my team."
Julie Towers Inc.
web content editing

- Advice from author Jakob Nielsen in his book
Designing Web Usability

In every medium but the World Wide Web, published material is professionally edited before it sees the light of day. Think about it: There are book editors, magazine editors, newspaper editors, film editors.

Only on the web does material go to the mass market without first going through the editing process. And it shows. Web users complain constantly about the quality of the content on most websites.

If you are writing your own web content, it's a good idea to have a professional web editor look at the material before it goes live on the Internet.

And if you're thinking that your web designer will take care of the editing, check your contract, because it usually states that content is solely your responsibility.

That's where Editrix comes in. As your web content editor, we can:

For professional web editing services call Editrix.

We can also compose your web content for you. Please see Web Content Composition for more information.

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