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Here's what Editrix clients say about our Web Content Services:
“Thank you for all your hard work and help in making my jumbled thoughts into a real web site. You have a real
talent. “
Lutze Consulting
"You nailed it. You totally captured the most important aspects of what we do and really got the information across to our readers."
Aspen Personnel
"You did a great job on the content. We didn't really know exactly what to say or how to say it. Thank you so much for your help."
Sensational Wood Products
"We had so many pending files just waiting for content and so many clients who were stuck. Now we've got all their sites up and running."
One Step Beyond Web Design

"You are a great resource for web design companies and their clients."

Small Biz Webs

"Thank you for your great work and care. You have added extraordinary value."

The McMillan Group
web content composition

"Ultimately, users visit your website for its content.
Everything else is just the backdrop."

- Web guru Jakob Nielsen, Designing Web Usability

In order to be successful, a website has to provide content that is interesting, informative, well written and properly "chunked" for the web (short sentences, short paragraphs, clear headings). Fancy graphics are not enough to make your website effective.

Studies show that users want information on the web to be useful, easy to find and quick to read. They want brief text that is direct and to the point, with no marketing fluff or jargon. And they will quickly dismiss any site that doesn't easily provide the information they are seeking.

The challenge in writing for the web is to heed these principles and at the same time, get the essence of your company's marketing message across in a way that is compelling, meaningful and effective.

Writing for the web has become its own specialty. That's why companies and web designers have come to rely on Editrix for professional help with web content.

Let Editrix create professional, powerful, effective content for your website.

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