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Editing is a creative art in itself, distinct from the art of writing.

Exceptional editing can make
mediocre writing good,
good writing great and
great writing superlative.

A talented editor can significantly improve a writer's work, while honoring and preserving the writer's words and style.

Here is what Editrix Clients say about our Editing Services:

"When I sent the draft of my first book off to New York publisher Wiley & Sons, they told me they had never seen a manuscript in such great shape, and it was very clear that I had worked with a professional editor. It's impossible for me to overestimate the contribution Maury Cohen made to my first book in editing, writing, rewriting, and organization as well as her unflagging support and encouragement. I truly could not have done it without her. I highly recommend her as a gifted editor who can make your writing better --and publishable -- while preserving your own unique voice."
Heather Lutze, author of The Findability Formula and Thumbonomics

"I think you did a great job focusing the article and getting its main points across. All in all, I think it's much better now and is almost exactly the same length. It's very good to have an editorial hand out there doing this sort of work." -
Steve Singular, best selling author

Stephen Singular is a journalist and writer who is the author of 10 books including the New York Times best-selling A Killing in the Family, which became the mini-series Love Lies and Murder; and Talked to Death: The Life & Murder of Alan Berg, which became the film Talk Radio. His latest book is called The Uncivil War: The Rise of Hate, Violence, and Terrorism in America.

"As a freelance journalist and author, I have found Maury to be the best editor I have ever worked with. She has the ability to strengthen even the best writing without changing the intended purpose or meaning of the piece. Her skills and endearing manner, as well as her ability to quickly grasp topics unfamiliar to her, have made the frequently nightmarish experience of editing an actual pleasure. I highly recommend her."
-Brian Klocke co-author of The Better World Handbook and freelance journalist

"Your editing dramatically improved the article I wrote. I will definitely use your services for any work to be published in the future."
-Joyce Clippinger, homeopath and writer

"I have been earning a living as a writer and editor for over 25 years. Recently, I completed an article for a regional magazine, and after reading it, Maury pointed out that I had failed to hook the reader early enough – and she was right! She possesses gut instincts that enable her to get to the essence of a work."
-Robert Himber, professional writer and editor

"Maury was able to offer advice, direction and make changes without sacrificing my intentions or style. I will unquestionably work with her again."
- Mike Mourachian, author


"Thank you, Maury for your help with my project. Never having worked with an editor before I didn’t know what to expect. Not only do I love your editing style but you are very easy to work with as well."
-Joyce Leak, Publisher, Living with Animals

"Maury has the gifts of questioning, listening and writing, which make her the ideal editor. Through her questions, she gains insight into the writer's intended purpose. She is then able to rework the piece, or help the writer clarify his/her own ideas, so the intent becomes clear to the reader."
-Marjorie Lane, educator and dean, Overland High School

"Maury has been critical to the start-up of our magazine because of her ability to discern, distill, and articulate a clear understanding of the written word while still maintaining the integrity and passion of the message. Her attention and understanding of the phrasing and placement of each sentence, word and syllable truly sets her apart as an editor and has made the process of creating a magazine a more enjoyable and enlightened one.

She is truly a person with a passion and talent for making any message -- whether it be political, commercial or technical -- powerful, clear and concise."
- Robert Brian Hall, publisher, Rebellion Magazine


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